open experimental studio for immersive 3D sound with 22.1 multichannel loudspeaker system

80 sqm studio space + 22.1 loudspeaker array + various spatial audio rendering methods + binaural 3D audio + legendary reference monitors Geithain RL900

The spatial audio loft Berlin is an open experimental workshop for projects in sound art, theater, performance, music, scenography, spatial media, research, experimentation, and the like. The studio can be rented with or without a spatial audio mixing engineer.

The studio is permanently equipped with a flexible KRK 3D loudspeaker array, a MNTN Spatial Sound System, an IOSONO IPC 100 wave field synthesis processor, a Dolby Atmos rendering suite, an ambisonics IEM Plug-in Suite, a 2k video projector, 8 additional small KRK loudspeakers, and the legendary broadcasting reference monitors Geithain RL900. Software: Steinberg Nuendo, Ableton Live, Magix Sequoia. You can also connect your own computer via USB or DANTE.

The 80 sqm rooftop loft is a friendly and inspiring place for creative production: lots of light, lots of green, and an open sky view. The studio is acoustically well treated, but kept lively. It also has a decent kitchen corner with basic appliances. It’s located in Berlin-Wedding, close to U Osloer Straße and S Bornholmer Straße.
And it can be more (or less!) than a studio. The spatial audio loft is a perfect setting if you're organizing a workshop centered around deep listening, meditation, or other experimental formats for knowledge transfer and you wish to integrate an immersive sound environment into your concept. Since the loudspeaker array is modular, you can rearrange the speakers in space or omit them entirely.

For booking inquiries, please send us a brief project description. We will get back to you with a tailored offer.

Please include the following information:

  • What are you planning to use the studio for?
  • For what duration + time frame would you like to use the studio?
  • Do you need technical assistance beyond the initial introduction and hand-over of the studio?
  • Would you like to work with a spatial audio mixing engineer?

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The spatial audio loft Berlin is also hosting spæs, the independent lab for experimentation, collaboration, and exchange on the topic of spatial aesthetics in sound.
spæs features a second spatial audio studio located at Funkhaus Berlin, that can be booked directly on the lab’s website

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Stockholmer Straße 4
13359 Berlin